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About Us

Jitsu Motors Co., Ltd.  

Established in 2019 in Tokyo, Japan - we are a licensed Japanese Car Dealer specializing in International Export.  Our team represents nearly 15 years of experience in the industry.



A Word From Our Founder - Jeff Rodkin

A Brief History

I’m probably a lot like you.  


I grew up playing the original Gran Turismo on Playstation before I could ever drive a real car.  I was blown away by the graphics, the authentic feel of the physics, and the detail to which you could modify and enhance each car.


From then, my fate was decided.  I would be a JDM fan boy for life.

Gran Turismo R33.jpg
Gran Turismo racing.jpg

“Realistic” in 1997

I graduated to the real thing soon thereafter, and over the years went on to own a couple of different Honda’s, a Toyota, a Mazda, a Subaru, and a Nissan.  I was hooked.


My love of JDM cars and all things Japanese eventually brought me to Japan in 2004, where I still live today with my lovely wife, Kotoko.

Jeff & Kotoko.png

The other lady in my life - Silvia

The Meaning of JITSU

Throughout my life and career, it has always been my ambition to be a “light in the darkness.”  That is, to bring some good to places where good is in short supply.


“Car salespeople are also one of the least trusted professions in America today with only 8% of people viewing them as honest and ethical.” -Forbes

Trusted Professions.jpg

My vision for Jitsu Motors is that we would be a bright spot in an otherwise dark industry.  We endeavor to conduct our business with complete honesty, integrity, and fairness.


The Japanese Kanji character Jitsu (実) means something like “reality” or “truth.”  It is used in a variety of words such as Truth (真実), Actually (実は), Truly (実に), Sincere (誠実), and Fact (事実).  Incidentally, it is also used in the Bible when referring to Fruit or Fruitfulness (実り).


The concept of Jitsu is what guides us in everything we do.


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