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Our Service

1.  Send Us an Email


We’re always happy to field any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to reach out!




If you have decided on the car you want, let us know.  It’s also helpful to include information such as:


Model Year (or range of years)

Desired Condition (body/mechanical)

Desired Mileage

Other Important Specifics 


If scheduling and time zones allow, we are happy to arrange a time for a phone call or video chat to discuss details.

2.  Place a Deposit to Begin the Search


We require a deposit of 50% of projected budget  (¥200,000 of which is non-refundable) via wire transfer to begin a search.  This deposit will enable us to bid for and purchase a car on your behalf.


Once a car is purchased, your deposit will be subtracted from the eventual total. 

3.  The Search


We will correspond via email, sending you photos and information of specific cars that will be available at the Auctions each week.  We will work together with you to narrow down specific targets for inspection.  


On Auction Day we will inspect the target car in person, taking detailed photos and videos for your consideration.  If you would like to bid on a specific car, we only need your confirmation of a maximum bid.

*Note:  the time from inspection to bidding can be very limited, so your prompt approval will be necessary.


If we are successful in winning the car at auction, the final all-inclusive price will be calculated, and an invoice will be emailed to you.  Full payment is expected within one week of receipt of the invoice.  


If we are unsuccessful in winning a car at Auction on a given week, the search process simply repeats until we are successful. 

4.  Shipment / Storage

For cars that are available for import at time of purchase, we will arrange for export and shipping right away.  Depending on the shipping schedule, the car may not be exported immediately.  Please allow approximately 2-3 months from full payment to receive the car at your nearest port.


For cars that are not yet available for import, we do offer options for secure indoor storage.  

At Jitsu Motors, our goal is to assist customers with the Japan side of importing a car to their country.  We provide an all-inclusive service for sourcing, inspecting, purchasing, and exporting a car from Japan to anywhere in the world.

Our service can be broken down to 4 steps:


Your total cost is comprised of three main components

Cost of Vehicle

  • Total auction house invoice

Our Fee


  • Additional 5% charged for vehicles with a hammer price over ¥1 million (on just the amount above ¥1 million)

  • Includes five in-person inspections

    • ¥10,000 for each additional inspection​


  • Flat rate quoted ​based on size, weight, and type of vehicle as well as destination

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