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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a ___(name of car)___?

We are happy to provide a rough estimate of a certain car shipped to your nearest port.  But, please understand that for used vehicles, factors such as year, mileage, trim level, condition, accident history, modifications, etc. will affect prices significantly.  The more detailed you can be about the criteria for the car you are interested in, the more accurate our estimate will be.

Am I allowed to import this certain car to my country/state?


Unfortunately, there are too many countries/states/authorities on planet earth with ever-changing regulations for us to reliably keep track of.  The buyer will need to assume responsibility for their local import laws and regulations.  

That said, we are also happy to introduce a reputable Import Broker in your area who can help you with the sometimes burdensome task of importing and registering a car in your country.



Can you find me this rare and specific car?


Yes!  However, the more uncommon the car and the more stringent your requirements, the longer it will likely take to source.



I know you said the Market Value is $10,000 for this car, but I’ve seen one for less.


We admit it’s entirely likely you will find cars for sale somewhere for a price below Market Value.  However, we cannot vouch for the quality (or lack of quality) of such cars, and we would assert, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”  



Can I buy a car through you guys and store it until it is available for import to my country?


Yes, we offer secure indoor storage for our customers.  Please inquire about rates.



I live in Japan.  Can you help me buy a car without exporting?


Absolutely.  And, if/when the time comes to export it, we are happy to assist.

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